We are announcing our newest and nearest project!

A team of 5 of our determined volunteers will participate on the Rotary marathon in March. Part of their goal is not a secret: along with promoting a healthy lifestyle and the love of sports, they want to help everyone in getting to know our shelter and our work. Let us introduce our 5 runners:

Ancsa: I am a volunteer and fosterer of ‘Together for the Animals’ Animal Rescue Organization (Együtt az Állatokért Állatvédő KHE). I paid my first visit to the shelter years ago, as a volunteer, and after a small break, I started participating actively in the shelter’s life. I tried to help any way I could, so I became a fosterer. I like to tell everyone I meet about the importance of being a responsible owner and the importance of adoption.

Barbi: The love for animals, especially dogs have been part of me all my life. I visited the shelter first in 2015. First, I just started going to walk dogs, then I became a mentor, and nowadays, I help with anything I can. Right now, you are reading about our newest project, in which I also participate. Our goal is to renovate kennels in the shelter, because they are in a very bad condition, and our main purpose is to give the best of everything we can to our dogs until they find their forever homes.

Petra: I started doing volunteer work, because a spark started in my mind (but mostly, in my heart) that I should combine my love for animals, my free time and the joy of helping others. Following this spark, I soon found my way to the nearest shelter. After going to the shelter occasionally, my mind was constantly going on about doing more and more, so I started visiting the shelter more frequently. This resulted in getting to know the other volunteers, being part of a team and thinking of new ideas and goals together. Being part of a team which is determined and enthusiastic in fighting for the helpless animals and trying to be the voice for the voiceless is a wonderful feeling.

Vanda: I have always protected the animals, one way or another, and I have always tried to help those, who are rescuing animals in need. Then the day came, when I first visited the shelter in 2012, and didn’t leave ever since. More volunteers started to join and soon we created our mentor programme, in which with sometimes help of experts, sometimes researching methods on our own, we started training dogs with behaviourial issues, so they would get a chance for a life outside the bars, laying on the couch. We had a lot of success, and after one year passed, we could say that most of our mentored dogs found their forever homes.

Szilvi: I got to know the shelter of Debrecen more closely in 2016. After visiting the shelter for the first time, I went home with tears in my eyes, and decided that I want to help the animals and the exceptional people who work so that homeless cats and dogs have a better life. After visiting for a few times, we ended up adopting two amazing, but littlebit vivid dogs, who give us challenges every day, but without whom our life would be emptier. Ever since then, I experience every day that a rescued animal’s love and bond is unexceptional.

These 5 people will collect money for our dogs. Collecting what, and how?
If you are interested, you can send a desired amount of money to any of our volunteers chosen randomly or by sympathy, all money from every volunteer will end up in our common “piggy bank”. This is how you go from inquirer to supporter, who helps us reach our goal. Which is? Running the Rotary marathon in march for our dogs. Our goal is to gain 200.000 forints per person by the start of the marathon, which will be spent on renovating on our our kennel lines. If you care about the wellbeing of shelter animals, and you feel like you could give up on a small amount of money, please send the money to the shelter’s bank account with the statement “supported volunteer’s name + Rotary”.
Thank you so much from the animals of the shelter!

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